Sling vs Spectrum TV Choice: which is better?

Cable company Spectrum has a cord-cutting offering that allows you to pick 15 channels from a wide array of networks.

Sling TV is also the work of a cable company - Dish - but it offers a different approach. You get to pick from two base packages (blue and orange), each with a set of channels, and then add on packs of extra channels.

You can also combine both packages from Sling. Blue and Orange each cost $35 / month, combining them will cost $50, or $20 less.

Accessibility: Sling's offer is easier to understand

To decide which service to get, first you have to understand the offering. 

Sling TV is more of a pure cord-cutting service with clear prices and a clear channel lineup. Spectrum TV choice might still be too attached to the company's cable ways: you have to be "localized" to know which "offer" you're eligible to. The service is not available everywhere and the pricing will depend on where you are based.

Usability: Sling has a better interface

Spectrum is notorious online for having a horrible DVR interface. This makes it hard (or impossible) to rewind or forward live programming. When you record shows, they don't seem to offer thumbnails which makes it difficult to figure out what is what. 

With Spectrum watch out for the "local broadcast" fee

Spectrum TV has a very attractive price offer, allowing you to pick 15 of your favorite channels for $30 / month. However, depending on your location, they might also charge you $13 which is what's called a "broadcast tv surcharge", and which they themselves pay to local CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, and PBS affiliates.

With Sling TV, you might not get many local channels (if any)

Sling does not charge a "local broadcast" fee but they have solved the problem in a less than ideal way: they just don't offer many local channels. They only have NBC and FOX in select markets.

Channels on Sling Orange + Blue and not Spectrum TV Choice

The channels that Sling Orange + Blue has and which are not available on Spectrum TV Choice:

Channels on Spectrum TV Choice and not Sling Orange + Blue

The channels that Spectrum TV Choice has which are not available on Sling Orange + Blue:

Price: Spectrum TV Choice is cheaper than Sling Orange + Blue

Spectrum TV Choice's costs $53 whereas Sling Orange + Blue costs $60. Getting Sling Orange + Blue instead of Spectrum TV Choice will set you back $7 more every month.

Why get Sling Orange + Blue?

Sling is a great option if you want to cut the cord but keep access to many channels. If you don't watch sports, you don't have to get the package for them.

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Why get Spectrum TV Choice?

Low price: Priced at $53.19, Spectrum TV is good value for money compared to other internet TV services (like, for example, Youtube TV which starts at $64.99).

Non-live programming: If you love sitcoms, dramas and other pre-recorded programming and are not so interested in live broadcasts, Spectrum TV offers a great array of choices.  Note: ESPN is back on Spectrum! 

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Devices: Sling Orange + Blue is more widely available than Spectrum TV Choice

Sling Orange + Blue is available on AirTV, Amazon Fire TV, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Cox, iOS, iPhone, LG TV, Mi Box, Roku, Samsung TV, TiVo, Vizio, Vizio Smart TV, Windows 10, Windows 11, Xbox or Xbox One.

Whereas Spectrum TV Choice is available on Android, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, Roku, Samsung TV or Xbox. That's 13 less devices than Sling Orange + Blue.

Channel count: Spectrum TV Choice has 14 channels more than Sling Orange + Blue

Spectrum TV Choice's lineup includes 61 channels whereas Sling Orange + Blue has only 47 channels. Getting a subscription to Spectrum TV Choice will give you access to 14 more channels than Sling Orange + Blue. That's quite a bit of channels.

Trial: Sling Orange + Blue does not offer a trial

Sling Orange + Blue does not offer a free trial.

Find out more on Sling Orange + Blue

Trial: Spectrum TV Choice offers a trial

Spectrum TV Choice has a trial. The trial duration is 7 days.

Find out more on Spectrum TV Choice

Sling Orange + Blue's specialty

The specialties of Sling Orange + Blue are: Baseball, Lifestyle, News, Science fiction, Soccer, Sports, True Crime.

Spectrum TV Choice's specialty

The specialties of Spectrum TV Choice are: Lifestyle, News, Sports.

Channels on both Spectrum TV Choice and Sling Orange + Blue

The channels that are available on both Spectrum TV Choice and Sling Orange + Blue are:

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Spectrum TV Choice allows you to completely curate your live TV package. For around $53 a month, you trim the fat and select your 15 channels of choice — no distractions, no cable box, and no annual contract. The catch: it’s only available to Spectrum internet customers.

Price: Varies depending on your location and account history.