Philo vs Paramount+: which is better?

Philo and Paramount+ are not as big as Netflix or Youtube TV, but they have unique offers between them that are worth considering.

To help you choose which one is for you, we have listed their differences in a number of criteria below. 

In Live TV, Philo wins

Paramount+ has a meager channel lineup: CBS local affiliates, CBS News (CBSN), CBS Sports, and ET Live.

Philo offers over 60 channels, including AMC, BBC America, Lifetime, TLC, MTV, and even the Paramount Network channel.

In on-demand content, Paramount+ wins on quantity, but Philo on choice

Philo's on-demand library includes 60,000 movies, shows, and specials. Paramount+ is stacked with content you can choose from as well, but it is mostly from their partner channels: Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Smithsonian Channel, etc. 


Comparaison Philo Paramount+ with SHOWTIME
Price $28/month $11.99/month
Trial 7 days 7 days
Our rating 8/10 7/10
Number of channels 86 4
Unlimited DVR Yes No
Parental controls No Yes
4K No Yes
Paramount NetworkYesNo

Channels on Philo and not Paramount+ with SHOWTIME

The channels that Philo has and which are not available on Paramount+ with SHOWTIME:

Channels on Paramount+ with SHOWTIME and not Philo

The channels that Paramount+ with SHOWTIME has which are not available on Philo:

  • CBS local channels
  • CBS Sports HQ
  • CBSN
  • ET Live

Popularity: Paramount+ with SHOWTIME is more popular than Philo

Paramount+ with SHOWTIME has 42,000,000 subscribers whereas Philo has 800,000 subscribers. This means that Paramount+ with SHOWTIME has 41,200,000 more subscribers than Philo. That's a pretty big difference.

Price: Paramount+ with SHOWTIME is cheaper than Philo

Paramount+ with SHOWTIME's costs $12 whereas Philo costs $28. Getting Philo instead of Paramount+ with SHOWTIME will set you back $16 more every month.

Why get Philo?

Nothing beats the price: $28 is really cheap, one of the cheapest ways out there to get Live TV. And the fact that you get unlimited DVR -if you care about that kind of stuff- on top of that is kind of crazy. Just as a comparison, Youtube TV offers unlimited DVR but it costs three times as much.

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Why get Paramount+ with SHOWTIME?

Soccer fans can enjoy every UEFA Champions League game and every UEFA Europa League game on Paramount+. Football fans can enjoy many NFL and College Football games on CBS Sports. Plus, there are CBS local channels that cover most of the United States.

Go to Paramount+ with SHOWTIME

Devices: Paramount+ with SHOWTIME is more widely available than Philo

Paramount+ with SHOWTIME is available on Amazon Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, LG TV, PlayStation 4, Portal TV, Roku, Samsung TV, Vizio, Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X or Xfinity Flex.

Whereas Philo is available on Amazon Fire TV, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, iPhone, Roku or Samsung TV. That's 7 less devices than Paramount+ with SHOWTIME.

Channel count: Philo has 82 channels more than Paramount+ with SHOWTIME

Philo's lineup includes 86 channels whereas Paramount+ with SHOWTIME has only 4 channels. Getting a subscription to Philo will give you access to 82 more channels than Paramount+ with SHOWTIME. That's quite a bit of channels.

Trial: Philo offers a trial

Philo has a trial. The trial duration is 7 days.

Find out more on Philo

Trial: Paramount+ with SHOWTIME offers a trial

Paramount+ with SHOWTIME has a trial. The trial duration is 7 days.

Find out more on Paramount+ with SHOWTIME

Philo's specialty

The specialties of Philo are: Lifestyle, News, True Crime.

Paramount+ with SHOWTIME's specialty

The specialties of Paramount+ with SHOWTIME are: Action, Family, Movies, Old TV shows, Original series, Science fiction, Soccer, Sports, TV shows.

Philo's accepted payment methods

Philo accepts: Amazon Appstore, Apple Pay, Cash App, credit card, debit card, Google Pay, Paypal, prepaid card, Roku Channel Store, Roku Payment Method (RPM), Samsung Smart Hub, Vizio TV App Store.

Paramount+ with SHOWTIME's accepted payment methods

The payment methods that Paramount+ with SHOWTIME accepts are: Amazon Appstore, Apple App Store, credit card, Google Play Store, prepaid card, Retailer gift card.

Channels on both Paramount+ with SHOWTIME and Philo

The channels that are available on both Paramount+ with SHOWTIME and Philo are:

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